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Rob Schenk is a DJ, teacher, and community builder.  He has been working in radio for nine years, and currently hosts the weekly radio show "The HooDoo VooDoo Beats Show" on Saturdays from 4-6 PM PST on KWVA 88.1 FM. Schenk formerly ran KWVA as the Programming Director, and continues to DJ professionally.


He also co-founded and is a former president of the Music Industry Collective, an organization designed to help students learn about and find opportunities in the music industry. Alongside longtime friend Allison Del Fium, Schenk also created and taught a music industry education course designed to introduce new college students to the music industry.


At the University of Oregon, Schenk was a Ken Warren Scholarship recipient for four years, an award presented to students who demonstrate a commitment to public media, and graduated in 2019  with two BAs in journalism and cinema studies. He has since returned to the University to pursue a Master's Degree in Education, focusing on English Language Arts at the middle and high school level. He is expected to graduate in June, 2022 

Schenk currently works with Dub-Stuy Records out of Brooklyn, NY as their digital marketing director and blog coordinator, and also works with Harmonic Laboratory in Eugene, OR  as a community event coordinator. 

Photo by Desi Colley
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